Dr. Harold Book's Views On Chiropractic

Tri-Fold Approach to Healing
I use both naturopathic and homeopathic treatment to supplement my chiropractic work. This tri-fold approach is firmly grounded in chiropractic and recognizes the connection between body, mind and spirit. While chiropractic treatment accounts for 80 percent of my work, taking this holistic approach to treating my patients allows me to get to the root cause of the person’s physical ailment. 

The beauty of a tri-fold, holistic approach to wellness is that it is always individualized. Take blood pressure, for instance. In allopathic medicine, no patient sits for long without a blood pressure test, and you can’t even walk into the examining room without getting weighed. Your results are then judged to be within normal range or out of normal range based on a variety of charts and graphs. There is no denying that knowledge of a normal range is useful. But what is normal for one person may not be normal for another. In fact, when it comes to prescription medication, what is good for one patient may in fact be poison for someone else. I take this into account with every patient I see.

For example, in treating a pinched nerve caused by stress, I will adjust the spine and perhaps recommend the homeopathic remedy belladonna to help relieve the stress. Together we will discuss the issues that are giving rise to the symptoms and come up with a reasonable program that supports your health goals.

About Allopathic Medicine
There is definitely a place for drugs and surgeries in our country, I just believe the medical industry relies on those remedies too quickly and too often. What allopathic medicine does not do is get to the root cause of disease, which can only be determined with individualized evaluation. Prescription medication might be useful in reducing blood pressure, for instance, but it will not eliminate high blood pressure itself.  Looking for the underlying cause, we might find that a person has a misalignment, are overweight, or suffering too much stress. A personalized protocol may include alignment with a detoxification or dietary supplements with a homeopathic remedy. This holistic approach not only alleviates the symptoms, but solves the problem.

Gray’s Anatomy
My work is based on Gray’s anatomy of the spine, which illustrates the link between the brain and the nervous system. Each portion of the spine is linked to a different area of the body and through its manipulation many problems that do not seem related may be fixed. 

For example, after a car accident, a patient may develop a new allergy. What does one have to do with the other? An allergy is based on the body’s immune response system, If there was no allergy before, it is likely that a subluxation of the spine after the accident also caused the allergies. Chiropractic stimulates the immune system, which is centered in the neck. In most cases, a simple re-alilgnment will fix the allergy. This also illustrates finding the root cause, which is the basis of my practice.
Alignment is important because the nervous system is supreme in the body, the nerves go to every cell in the body to tell it what to do. By correcting the problem of misalignment, the nerve flow goes where it’s supposed to go, how it’s supposed to go and everything works right.

Working with Children
Because finding and fixing the root cause of an illness or disease is the only way to cure it, many problems that are not obviously related to the musculoskeletal system can benefit from chiropractic care. When I was 11 years old, I accompanied my father to a patient’s home for treatment. During the visit, we observed the patient’s son, who was diagnosed with polio. The doctors of the time had been able to make no progress on his case, and my father asked if he might be allowed to treat him using chiropractic methods. The parents agreed and over weeks and months the boy made significant progress and was eventually able to walk with the aid of braces and went on to lead a productive life.

I have watched similar things happen in my practice. Not long ago, I was treating a man in my office while his small son, diagnosed with autism, raced around the treatment room. Where other methods had failed, chiropractic realignments made significant improvements to the boy’s autism and behavior. See my services page for a list of pediatric care services.