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The Book Chiropractic Clinic was founded in 1939 by Earl G. Book, D.C., who served as the chief doctor until his retirement in 1992. His son, Harold E. Book joined the staff in 1965, served a 14-month stint in Vietnam as an Army medic, and returned to the clinic in 1969 where he has practiced ever since. Father and son operated as primary care practitioners, even delivering babies in the downtown building, until regulation changes in the industry in 1978. More than 200 Milford residents took their first breath within the four walls of the clinic on Main Street.


Today, The Book Chiropractic Clinic is still in its original location. With a tighter focus on chiropractic care, Dr. Book continues to heal clients throughout Milford and in surrounding areas. With a glance toward the past and an eye toward the future, the clinic remains a fixture in the community as a place of health and wellness.