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Welcome to DoctorBook.com, your online health and wellness center.

The Book clinic is owned and operated by Dr. Harold E. Book
D.C., N.D., HmD, and is dedicated to providing holistic solutions to your health problems. Dr. Book is a licensed chiropractor, naturopath and homeopathy practitioner. He is also a board-qualified radiologist. Conveniently located in downtown Milford, the clinic has operated continuously since 1939.

    Dr. Book earned his undergraduate medical degree from Flint College in 1962, and completed Lincoln Chiropractic College in Indianapolis three and a half years later. His certification in Naturopathy and Homeopathic medicine came from the Missouri school of Naturopathy and Homeopathy.

    Through his years of experience and training, he has developed a holistic approach to health that he calls “treating the cause.” Most allopathic forms of medicine diagnose the symptoms of disorder and treat it with a prescription. At the Book Clinic, they find the underlying cause of the symptom and correct it using a combination of methods. Alignment is usually the first step, coupled with appropriate detoxifications or dietary supplements, and in some cases using homeopathic remedies to treat and prevent illnesses.

    Dr. Book is a member of the Michigan  Association of Chiropractors.